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What to expect in the Healing Group​:

You will be using Zoom technology to interact with your facilitators and fellow participants online. Each week we will journey through the Healing the Wounds of Trauma curriculum, answering these questions and more: 

Week 1: What is a heart wound and why am I feeling this way?

Week 2: How can the wounds of my heart be healed?

Week 3: If God loves me, why do I suffer?

Week 4: How can I grieve in a way that brings healing?

Week 5: What do I do with this pain?

Week 6: How can I forgive?

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The Healing Group & The Longing Retreat

Led by kind and compassionate certified Trauma Healing facilitators, the Online Healing Group is a 6-week interactive course designed to help you understand grief, trauma, loss, suffering and where God is in the midst of it all. The group will meet for two hours, once a week, for six weeks. This is a place where relationships are formed and community is cultivated. 

The Longing Retreat takes place after the Online Healing Group and is an invitation into the next step of your healing journey. You will have the opportunity to reconnect with your group, practice using the tools you learned and have space for rest and fun. 

Healing happens in community and both the Healing Group and the Longing Retreat are safe spaces to support your healing. The goal of these experiences is to encounter the love of God that makes hearts whole. To know deeply that you are worthy to live wholeheartedly in this world.  


What to expect at the Longing Retreat:

  • Worship  

  • Prayer

  • The Word

  • Fun
  • Rest

  • Food

  • Laughter

  • Tears

  • Movement