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Whole Hearts.



WholeHearted Women creates safe spaces for women to walk the journey of healing in community.  


We are here to help you fully experience that God is near and heals those with hurting hearts.  

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WholeHearted Women has a vision to see women with whole hearts living wholeheartedly. Perhaps you are here because you have that same desire. You want to live whole. Undivided in your heart, emotionally sound, and free from the wounds of your past. You want to show up in this world wholeheartedly;  free from hesitation to live fully committed to your life and your purpose.

We invite you to join our community in these ways:

The Healing Group & The Retreat: A 6-week course where you begin your healing journey with a small group of women. The course is followed by an intimate 3-day experience to connect and rest.

The Passion Gathering: A 1-day gathering designed to help you dream of what’s next. 

“How content you become when you weep with complete brokenness,

for you will laugh with unrestrained joy.”

Luke 6:21 TPT



 "This is the safe space I've been looking for since this crisis started."

"I've learned that I can be kind to myself while I'm on this process of healing."

“I now have ways to safely release pain, instead of bottling it up inside.”